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Our group tours in more detail

16 Days in Peru

Day 1-2: Explore Lima a bustling metropolis with a colonial centre


Day 3-6: Uncover the secrets of the Amazon Jungle by boat and on foot


Day 7-8: Revel in the history of Cusco the once capital of the Inca Empire


Day 9: Experience the mystical beauty of the Sacred Valley


Day 10-12: Follow in the footsteps of the Incas by trekking or by train in Machu Picchu


Day 13-14: Catch glimpses of  sea lions and Humboldt penguins on the Ballestas Islands


Day 15-16: Journey to Huacachina an Oasis in the middle of a Peruvian desert

What You Get

Peru has fascinated travellers for centuries. It has been a constant source of inspiration to culture connoisseurs, historians, artists and travellers alike. Join us on this trip of a lifetime through the heartland of Peru on a vacation where you will experience the mighty Amazon Rainforest, drool over Incan ruins, witness wonders of the world, and spend lazy evenings in an Oasis in the desert.

15 Days in Chile

Day 1-2: Explore Santiago a bustling metropolis with a colonial center


Day 3-7: Uncover the beauty of the Atacama Desert known to be the driest in the world


Day 8-9: Play with the penguins in Punto Arenas


Day 10-12: Discover the beauty of Patagonia in Torres Del Paine


Day 13-15: Experience the gritty, authentic history in Chile's colourful street art capital, Valparaiso

What You Get

I have already travelled extensively in Chile and crafted this itinerary keeping in mind the must-see places. Chile can be a difficult country to navigate in terms of language, food and culture, let me be your guide and take care of everything for you. This package includes my favourite spots at a competitive price point that is both authentic and comfortable.

What You Get

Turquoise lagoons perched beneath sharp, granite pillars which are reached only by spellbinding hiking trails; chattering Magellanic Penguin colonies; slow and magical boat journeys through untamed waters; glaciers towering higher than apartment blocks that calve house-sized icebergs into icy waters below. It’s fair to say that by choosing to travel to Patagonia, a wealth of unforgettable experiences await.

19 Days in Patagonia


Day 1-2: Explore the bustling city of Santiago

Day 3-4: Play with penguins in Punto Arenas

Day 5-9: Trek ‘The W’ - voted 10 best treks in the world, in Torres Del Paine



Day 10-12: Trek the top of the Perito Moreno – a glacier that is still growing in El Calafate

Day 13-16: Trek Argentina’s celebrated trekking routes in El Chalten

Day 17-19: Experience the European grandeur and Latin passion of Buenos Aires

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